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Thursday, 9 February 2012


*Disclaimer*: this post may contain explicit language and content that may offend some oppressive McGill fascists. 

For everyone who doesn't already know about this, today is the third day of 6party. This consists of McGill students going into the James administration building, setting up on the 6th floor and staying there completely peacefully trying to get the McGill administration to recognize the results of the SSMU referenda on CKUT and QPIRG (student institutions, look it up, no time to explain). 
What has happened so far:
-Wifi shut off in James Administration Building
-Bathrooms locked so no one can use the toilet
-6party gained access to a window through which food was being hoisted up using a rope and bucket  (food was brought willingly by outside students and people supporting the cause)
-McGill security cut the rope and is not allowing anyone to bring food to 6party, they basically cannot get anything to eat
-6party was using a bucket as a toilet since McGill locked the toilets in an effort to force them out. Security has confiscated this bucket forcing people to relieve themselves on the ground.

You can read more about what is going on on 6party's twitter: http://twitter.com/6partylive

THIS IS FUCKING UNACCEPTABLE! Everyone should know about this outrage going on at what is supposed to be a place of learning and one of our country's top universities. Let people know about this disgusting abuse of power by the McGill security and administration, this must be stopped, I am absolutely beside myself with anger. If you care about people's rights and freedoms, YOU SHOULD BE TOO. 

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

HOW TO: Save Money at the Grocery Store

Although the title says that this how-to guide is about saving money at the grocery store, it also gives you ideas on how to still buy comparatively healthy food on a student budget (i.e. spend as little as humanly possible). 
-Expand your fruit repertoire: Sometimes, the grocery store puts fruit on sale that might not be your first choice, OR it's some exotic fruit that you've never tried before. Don't be scared, try new fruit, or at least try to breathe new life into those you've already tried and are currently on sale. For example, I picked up 2 dragon fruit that were on sale for 5$ today. This might seem expensive, but dragon fruit usually sell for much more and they are quite large so they represent at least two servings of fruit each. 

-Buy unsliced bread: This might seem ridiculously outdated and even I affectionately refer to it as "medieval bread", but buying unsliced bread can save you money AND it's better for you. Unsliced multigrain bread that is made in the bakery of your grocery store costs less than commercial sliced white bread and it is whole wheat. It is also made daily and thus is much fresher. Slicing bread isn't that difficult, just make sure you know what kind of knife to use since if you use the wrong kind, all you'll get is a condensed breadstick and a world of crumbs. 

-Buy light cheese and don't be picky about brands: Firstly, before everyone starts throwing up at the prospect of LIGHT CHEESE, think about this; light cheese goes on sale more often since everyone has a personal grudge against it and in a blind taste test (buying it without telling my roommates and having them eat it) participants couldn't tell that the cheese had reduced fat content. It's also healthier. In addition, try to buy the No Name cheese. For god's sake, there is no way anyone can really claim that they can tell the difference between No Name and Cracker Barrel cheddar (although there is a 2$ difference in price). And remember kids, FANCY CHEESES ARE FOR PEOPLE WITH A REAL JOB! 

-Buy canned beans and lentils: I don't mean brown molasses beans. I mean black beans, kidney beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc. People shun canned legumes because they happen to be canned with some kind of disgusting brine, but they often go on sale for 1$ (or less!!) and if you rinse them thoroughly, they are very high in fiber and can make a seemingly unhealthy student meal like Hamburger Helper much better for you. 

-NEVER go to the store hungry: Just don't do it. You'll end up buying Jos Louis. If you're trying to save money and/or buy less junk food, when you pick something up that's not on sale or that you know is bad for you ask yourself "Is this really essential or can I do without it?". If the answer is yes, which it usually is, bite the bullet and put it down. Once you've put it down (this is the hardest part), I suggest you walk away from the area VERY QUICKLY.