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Monday, 28 May 2012


I realize that I am only 20 years old one might not call that a ripe old age at which to be giving people "wise advice", but rest assured, this advice doesn't come from me, but from my grandmother Grace McCarthy, who was just about the smartest woman who ever lived.

1. Never leave the house without your lipstick on: She never did; whether it was to go out for supper, or just run to the grocery store. I've found that since I've started wearing lipstick (I tend to wear slightly bolder shades than she did), I feel so beautiful and any outfit I wear seems magically more put together. It's a confidence booster and if you find the right shade, which is important, you can look really lovely and unique. The picture on the right shows my favorite lipstick, Maybelline New York's super bold shade "Are You Red-dy?" (another plus: lipsticks have cute and cheesy shade names). 

2. If you don't feel like eating your supper, just have another popsicle: Life is short. If you want a popsicle instead of whatever boring meal you're not in the mood to eat, have one. Have a caramel cake too, for god's sakes. 

3. Don't be "Put-on": My grandmother had a strong distaste for people who are too put-on. For those of you are confused as to what "put-on" means, it refers to a person who puts on airs and thinks they're just a bit better than they really are. My grandmother was a proud woman, but she never looked down on anyone, and I think a lot of people could use this advice.

4. Do whatever you want, and don't be afraid to tell the rest to "kiss it": This is truly the best advice in my opinion. She always told me not to pay attention to what anyone else had to say about what I was doing and go for what I really wanted. I also think that there's nothing better than telling someone who really deserves it to just KISS IT. 


  1. My favourite is #3! It sounds to me like your grandmother was a lovely terre-à-terre person!

  2. this is my very favorite blog....brought tears to my eyes.....you look fresh and sassy with your lipstick...and hearing those sayings and memories make me smile....Nan would be really proud ....just like i am!

    love you lots.....mom

  3. #2 is my favorite!!!! :P You can guess why!