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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Mascara: A Review

Ever since I realized that mascara was something that can magically transform your face from sleep-deprived-puffy-morning-troll to awake-fresh-and ready-for-a-beautiful-day in a few brushstrokes, I've gone on a wild journey; trying every crazy new gimmick the beauty industry can pump out. So this is my review of all the mascaras I've tried; which were great, and which were just a case of me being fooled by flashy advertising. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my dear Hannah Mei, who inspired me to write a post about this after an impassioned conversation about mascara that we shared over breakfast. In no particular order:
1. Double Extension: Beauty Tubes Technology by L'Oreal Paris
This one is overall quite good; it is a unique mascara. It firstly covers your lashes with these tubes that extend them (that is the function of the white side of the mascara), then the black side just basically serves to give them the appropriate colour. The tubes worked very well to give me extra length, which I need, because my eyelashes are frustratingly short and straight. There is a slight clumping issue, this mascara didn't really separate my lashes very well. The only other issue I had was that once you apply the white side, you must apply the black side extremely promptly, before the white side dries; this is somewhat inconvenient. However, on the whole, it was a positive experience. 

I was overall only moderately satisfied with this mascara, it makes lashes look very dramatic, and I think stiletto is a pretty accurate name for what this mascara does. It really adds length and impact to your eyes, the brush was quite plain and there is not much to report on that front. Although this mascara was really effective in adding length my main complaint about it was that it didn't add volume or "plump" the lashes at all. Instead it gave a more stark, harsh look. This mascara was fine, especially for going out at night, when you want a dramatic look, but I wasn't that impressed on the whole.

After my frustrations with the last mascara not adding enough volume to my lashes, I went for one that claimed to coat and volumize lashes "one by one". It certainly did better than Lash Stiletto at plumping and giving my lashes more volume. Of course, it wasn't really done "one by one", but I must admit that clumping was minimal. However, of course, since the volume aspect was good, the length was lacking. All things considered this mascara was quite plain, it did the job relatively well, but there was nothing really special about it.

I was inspired to get this mascara by my dear friend Esme on my trip to visit her in Manchester. She had it and it looked great on her, so I promptly bought it when I returned to Montreal. The volume actually wasn't that impressive, but the length was pretty great. I was quite satisfied with this mascara. My most noteworthy complaint about this one is that it dried out relatively quickly and would leave little specks of dried up mascara on my face by the end of the day. Which, needless to say, is very undesirable.

This is actually my current mascara. So far the results have been really positive. The length isn't extraordinary, but the volume is good and the shape of the spoon brush makes is very easy to get mascara into the difficult to reach corners. It actually does facilitate the task of getting a "cat eye" look, as the name implies. I think this mascara was much more useful than the "one by one", which is also a member of the Volum' Express family. Also, even though this mascara is new, it was already on sale at the pharmacy, so I would say that I am pleased with the quality I received for the price. 

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  1. I loved this post, Ruby (although I took some time to reply to it, as it is taking me some time to get back to your e-mail)! Hannah had a good idea! You have really thorough, interesting opinions on things. I love reading about what you think!